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Service disruption

November 24, 2018 at 7:39 PM UTC


Resolved after 1h 3m of downtime. November 24, 2018 at 8:42 PM UTC

Debian & FreeBSD builds now available: Full service has been restored. (03:54 UTC — Nov 27)

Arch Linux builds now available: Arch is available and Debian is coming. (18:01 UTC — Nov 25)

Alpine builds now available: The next step is to start pulling build images down to the new build runner. Currently Alpine is available and Arch is being worked on next. (17:01 UTC — Nov 25)

Restoring builds service: Work is ongoing to provision a new build host. Service is expected to be restored within a few hours. (15:23 UTC — Nov 25)

Temporary database server provisioned: Full service has been restored to all services except for builds.sr.ht, which requires the provisioning of a new build slave. Until then no builds will be run. (22:34 UTC — Nov 24)

Replacing the database server: The database server has been taken out of service for maintenance, and in the meantime I’m provisioning a replacement. I believe that there has been no data loss. (22:06 UTC — Nov 24)

Reopened: Failures are back up. Investigating. (21:03 UTC — Nov 24)

Resolved: The issue has been resolved, and we’re monitoring the system for more information. (20:42 UTC — Nov 24)

Investigating: The same database server causing issues yesterday is causing more problems today. Investigating. (19:40 UTC — Nov 24)